Wednesday, January 11, 2012

warrior sketches

warrior one... something weird about his pose.. perspective of the left hand... legs.. blah.. 

warrior 2 .. hmmm.. hands look fine ..

warrior 3... legs n hands look fine.. but screwed up the palm, finger n feet.. like always.. -_- and maybe.. he should be aiming upwards.. 

paint the town red!

witchy- witch with her brush-broom! 

clap clap !


Garfield feels useful !

sigh.. ! =] 

my Bestie & me.. =)

so my friend was feeling pathetically low about everything around her and wanted a tight & warm hug.. so made this doodle for her n she felt better.. =] 

[another doodle coming up soon.... of a very cute and romantic couple i know..!]

yes ! the fag smokes you.... T_T 

a Chai stall...

spot that advertisement giving false hopes to kids who want to learn animation ... O_o beware ! 

|| Hare Krishna ||


pizza yumm yumm !

yummy pizza with capcicum, olives and paneer (err..not com out that well ) & chilly flakes offcourse! with invisible cheese .. :D