Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the Love Tree

i wish to write a poem or a few rhythmic lines for my Love tree... but not that great with words.. so i'll just describe her in simple words..

She is tall, wide, cherry red and pretty, with a hollow heart... that does not mean she is heartless.. that means the wind that passes through her hollow heart turns into the Love Wind...she gives love to the blowing wind yet she stands alone.. waiting for the Love bird to make his nest in her hollow heart.. <3

 here comes the poem from my dear friend Hasit Soni :)
she's tall, she's wide, she's cherry red, she's free,
she has a hollow heart that is filled with love, she's my pretty lovely tree.
thw winds turn their cool with love when they ruffle her loving shade,
she stands like a solidary lad, waiting for the love birds for the loving nest they made...

(thank you ^_^)

a baby girl

this was a gift to friend who is blessed with a baby girl.. :)