Sunday, April 10, 2011

Po's rough sketches


solomon said...

heyyyy its solomonsta from facebook XD
like your po sketches,
you seem to be improving which is pretty nice to see, though the last 2 sketches po seem to be losing his character... losing character consistency which am sure you will get the hang of :)

janki soni said...

Solo! Wassup! :D
thanx so much! :)
yeah i hv to improve ! I HAVE TO IMPROVE..! xD :P
and i luv the way u color! =]

solomon said...

hey thanks allot
still got loads to improve on :(

Dapoon said...


janki soni said...

@Dapoon - :) thank u so much!
@Solo - :)

Beekeeper said...

Very Nice Strokes!!

janki soni said...

:) thnx Sanjeev!

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